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Corrosion Surveys

Nothing lasts forever.  Especially not flowline and piping.  Corrosion surveys help companies:

  • Identify equipment that should be removed from service before it fails
  • Measure the rate at which equipment is degrading so:
    • Replacement budgets can be planned
    • Costs associated with relatively destructive operations can be estimated and billed accordingly
    • Estimate and forecast replacement equipment inventory needs
  • Meet regulatory requirements regarding vessel maintenance and documentation

Rees NDT Inspection Services can help you plan and execute a corrosion survey strategy for your equipment.  We can document your equipment, band it with stainless steel banding for identification purposes if required, and perform ultrasonic wall thickness testing at specified points to establish a baseline and thereafter detect corrosion and wear. 

Corrosion surveys of pressure vessels are mandated by law in every jurisdiction we operate. 

As part of many companies' Certificate of Recognition efforts, we have assisted them in applying identifying banding on their production flowline.   A baseline survey of its condition is then conducted, and pieces that have exceeded their safe working corrosion allowances are removed from service.  Year-to-year records are maintained, providing documentation of the companies' efforts to mitigate risk, and providing insight into service life.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

When there is more to something than meets the eye, ultrasonic testing (UT) can see below the surface. As a primary alternative to radiography in finding subsurface flaws, UT can serve in situations where getting good radiographs is impossible, impractical or inpermissible,  For instance, the desired geometry may not lend itself to radiography, the situation may not readily permit you to set up for good radiographs, or the site may impossible to secure in such a way that radiography can be safely performed. 

UT results are also immediate.  The operator and the client can both be on hand during the testing to locate and define a suspected indication.  There is no need to cordon off the inspection location for safety and regualtory reasons, and the results are viewable in real-time at the site of the inspection.  UT shines in many applications

  • In verification of welding processes:
    • You've had something welded. On the surface, the weld looks good--but did it penetrate completely?
    • In multi-pass welds, was all the slag and inclusion removed between each pass?
    • In welds where you only have access to one side, was there burn-through and resulting defects on the inaccessible side?
  • Your piece is such that a crack or defect will only show through to the surface AFTER a catastrophic failure.
  • You have a cast piece that may have a defect, such as a sand pocket, below the surface in a critical area.
  • You have a fluid flow that will cause wear below tolerances at direction changes and areas of turbulence.
  • You have sacrifical pieces in place to absorb wear, and want to acertain their present condition.

Whatever your needs, we have the equipment and personnel available to meet your ultrasonic testing needs