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Serious lifting takes serious equipment--and therefore can be seriously dangerous.

Every jurisdiction in which we operate has special rules about the inspection and maintenance of overhead lifting equipment.  With our trained inspectors and in-house engineering team, we are uniquely suited to helping you inspect, maintain and certify your overhead lifting equipment!

Whether it's a gantry crane, or an overhead travelling crane, a portal crane or a jib crane, or even a heavy-duty truck crane, we can do a visual and NDT inspection of the structural elements of your crane and certify it as safe to operate within the prescribed limits specified by its OEM.  We also inspect and certify the various kinds of below-the-hook lifting devices like spreader bars, lifting bars and frames that are used to lift loads that have or need multiple attachments point.  Cranes are subject to various CSA codes as part of OHS legislation.  We can do re-certification of items like lifting blocks that are an integral part of a crane's lifting equipment and are required to undergo periodic mechanical maintenance and structural inspection and certification.

10 ton gantry crane

From the Alberta OH&S Code Part 6

Part 6     Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices

General Requirements


59(1)This Part applies to lifting devices, including cranes and hoists, with a rated load capacity of 2000 kilograms or more.

Non-destructive testing

89 An employer must ensure that all load-bearing components of a mobile crane undergo non-destructive testing under the direction and control of a professional engineer in accordance with the manufacturer's specification at 12-month intervals from the date of the mobile crane's most recent certification.

We inspect all kinds of cranes.  Whether your truck crane is a medium-sized brand like a National/Manitowoc, Manitex or Weldco Hydra-Lift, or one of the big monsters like a Link-Belt, Liebherr or Grove, we can inspect and certify it. Most gantry cranes are custom engineered designs.  We can help you there.  Jib cranes, whether they are custom engineered designs or commercially-supplied units manufactured by P&H, Kaverit, or Kone, we inspect and certify them.  The big portal cranes like you see in lumberyards and sawmills?  Those too!  Overhead cranes of all types; we can inspect an certify them all!  Call us for all your crane inspection needs.

Portal crane Truck Crane Jib Crane

Big, small, fixed or mobile--we inspect and certify them all!