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Sometimes what the job calls for just can't be purchased--but it can be designed, fabricated and certified.

There are times when what you need is just not commercially available--but you still need it.  And while you may have the materials and fabricators in-house to build what you require, that leaves you without some of the important details you require when you turn your employees loose with what has been built.  Without documentation of capacity and safe operating procedures created by a recognized professional, if there's an incident with your in-house design and build, some unhappy consequences follow.

Whether it's a spreader bar, a lifting device, a tool rack, a manbasket, or a jib crane, sometimes the job calls for a custom design.  Our team can help define your needs and then create and validate a design to fulfill them.  We can produce drawings from which to build the design to specifications and to code, load test, inspect and certify the resulting equipment.  We can produce the required documentation on capacity, safe use and maintenance that you will need to use the new design properly.  These are all things that are not only important to have, but they are also legally required by OHS Code section 3 in many cases.

Whether your custom design sees use in the field, on a third-party site, or only on your own location, having verified capacity ratings, operating and maintenance instructions and a validated design are a necessity.  They go a long way towards ensuring that the items that you took the pains to concieve, build, test and use will have a long, safe and productive working life.  You've worked hard to achieve a COR, and good results in ISNetworld, PICS and Complyworks.  A culture of safety has safe, documented, and maintained equipment at its heart.

When the job calls for custom designed equipment, we have the team to complete the job!