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One area of OH&S regulation  that has tightened in recent years is fall protection requirements.

Fall protection anchor points, unless they are installed by their manufacturer, have to be designed and installed subject to the approval of a professional engineer.  That is nothing new.  What is new, is additional areas where fall protection is now mandated. Any area where a worker is required to be on a regular basis, doing tasks that last longer than 15 minutes, and that is 1.2 m or more above an area on to which a worker could fall is now designated a permanent work area.  Permanent work areas MUST have fall hazard mitigation procedures in place.  These include such things as guard rails and travel restraint systems.  Where such things are not practical, full blown fall arrest systems must be put in place.  Even residential roofing operations are now required to put fall hazard mitigation procedures into place!  If you have fall arrest questions, we have trained professionals to help answer your questions.

We have the team to help you create a fall protection system to meet your needs.