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Whether it is part of your manufacturing, maintenance, safety or regulatory compliance processes, NDT inspection can play an important role in ensuring that your equipment continues to work legally, safely and continously. 

  • Health and Safety programs
    • If your company is working towards obtaining a Certificate of Recognition  to reduce WCB premiums, identifying risks, mitigating them and maintaining records becomes very important.  Rees NDT Inspection Services helps many firms with inspection and documentation of their equipment for this purpose.
  • Rental Equipment 
    • Rental equipment is another area we do extensive work. 
    • Well documented inspection serves to assure customers that the equipment they rent is in serviceable working condition before they rent it.
    • Post-rental inspection allows costs associated with damage during the rental period to be billed to the party whose use caused the damage.
    • A continuous paper-trail of inspection helps prevent disputes about when damage occurred.
  • Manufacturing
    • Integrate inspection into your fabrication processes
    • Avoid expense by catching fabrication problems at points in the process where they are easier to correct
    • Avoid after-sales rework by ensuring that only completely sound work is delivered.
    • Use in-process inspection as a selling point to your customers.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Pressure Vessels are subject to ABSA  (or similar) regulation.  We can help with corrosion surveys.
    • Overhead lifting equipment has mandated inspection and maintenance requirements.
    • Oilfield equipment is subject to CAODC  maintenance standards.
    • OH&S codes generally make employers responsible for due diligence in ensuring that workers are using equipment that is known to be in safe working condition.  NDT inspection can help meet this goal.