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Load and pressure testing--when you just have to know it will still perform the way it is rated.

Whether it is testing an oilfield elevator after repairs to critical areas, or re-certifying slings and sheaves to their rated capacities after use in the field, we can do it.  We can load test items up to 500 tons rated capacity as part of a repair or certification process--without sending it out-of-town.  That can be a huge potential time-saver in your re-certification down-time!  Everything can be done locally--including the load test.  If your first impulse for re-certification was to send it off to Nisku or Calgary because you knew it needed a load test: STOP!

We can also pressure test items up to 30,000 psi. If you have equipment like wireline valves, lubricators, night caps and flanges that need to be serviced and certified to Enform IRP 13, we can do all of that.  We have the capability to maintian, inspect, load and pressure test, and certify the entirety of a wireline operation's equipment.  From the picker truck used to sling the equipment, to all the equipment sitting on the wellhead, we can do it!

Getting it done locally can cut your turn-around time--and your costs.