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Manlift operations expose workers to hazards by lifting them in the air. Every OH&S jurisdiction in which we operate has strict regulations regarding the construction, safe use, maintenance and certification of all types of manlift unit.

The construction, maintenance and inspection of manlift units in Canada is governed by the CSA‐B354 series of standards.  These standards provide the OEM as great deal of leeway in regard to their recommendations and requirements for NDT inspection and engineering certification.  However, many prime contractors insist on maintenance, inspection and certification requirements that exceed those typically set by the manufacturer and insist on at least yearly NDT inspection and certification.  We can help!  Whether you own a manlift or you are renting or leasing one, we have the personnel, the expertise and the tracking systems to help you determine and trace the structural inspection history of the units brought to your site.

New criteria regarding fall arrest protection for workers in manbaskets are being introduced.  These criteria deal with the hazard of ejection from the basket during motion or collision. Investigations revealed that fully half of all fatalities involving manlifts resulted, not from the unit tipping over or collapsing, but from the personnel falling from the basket. Codes and requirements were updated requiring anchor points within the backet for fall protection equipment, and a requirement for personnel to be tied off within the basket so that they are unable to fall. Does your manbasket meet the new requirements?

Boom lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks, digger derricks or just plain manbaskets--it doesn't matter. We can help you with your design, inspection and certification needs.

If it puts your personnel in the air, we can help you ensure that it meets code and operates safely!

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