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Pickers and boom trucks are an integral part of Western Canada's oilfield, construction and manufacturing industries.

When it's moving from Point A to Point B, it's likely to be slung about by a picker or boom truck.  Keeping your units maintained, inspected and certified ensures that when they get to site, they are permitted to operate and operate safely.

As the safety push moves more and more from the Calgary boardroom down to the lease, the legal requirement of having certification paperwork available is a necessity.  Before your equipment is allowed onsite, you need to have things in order--because if you don't, it may not be allowed to work until you do.

We get that phone call more often than you like to make it, and we'd like to receive it -- but we're ready for it!
'Good morning, Rees NDT'
'Good morning. Hey, listen, I know failure to plan on our part does not constitute an emergency on yours, but...
Could you do me a solid?'

'Sure, what do you need?'
'Well, I've got an operator on location northwest of Ft. Nelson and the consultant won't let him on lease without seeing his cert...which is missing'
'Ok, do you have a unit number or a serial number for the unit?'
'Yeah, it's unit #1234'
'Ok, give me a minute. Last done in February?'
'Yup, that's it!'
'Ok, how do you want it get it? Emailed to you, the operator, the consultant or faxed?'
'All of the above if you could!'
'Sure, give me a minute or two and I'll punch them off.'
'Thanks, you guys are life-savers.'
'Not a problem!'

We have one of the best fleet certification tracking systems in the business. Chances are very good that if the paperwork gets out of hand on your end, that we'll be able to cover your back on our end when it really counts: in front of your customer.

Big telescopic Picker crane Smaller picker unit Small knuckle picker unit Large knuckle picker

Knuckle picker or stiff boom, no matter how it's mounted, no matter how big it is, we inspect and certify them all.  Before the rubber meets the road, make us your first call.