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THE CAODC RP's represent solutions to the unique challenges oilfield owner/operators face with their oilfield-specific lift equipment.

OHS safe-use legislation lays a clear burden on employers.  They must ensure that the equipment provided to their employees is safe to use and used in a safe manner.  That seems straight-forward enough: we'll get a hold of the original equipment manufacturer's specs and manuals and go from there. One problem: how do we maintain and operate all of this equipment safely when the OEM isn't known or has gone out of business long, long ago?  Parking perfectly serviceable equipment in the bush because its OEM is long gone is NOT a option.  After the crash of the 80's wiped out many of the manufacturers, the oilfield industry needed a  new solution.

As the industry's umbrella organization, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors  set out to create one.  The result was the CAODC's Recommended Practices (RP'S) .  The nine active RP's (with more in drafting, consultation, and provisional status) guide companies in maintaining, inspecting and certifying their equipment.  We play an integral role in many companies' certification processes.

Whether it is a service rig or drilling rig, rig overhead lifting equipment or tongs, we can inspect and certify oilfield equipment in accordance with the CAODC RPs.  We do Level IV inspections and certification of entire units, as well as inspection and certification of repairs and minor modifications done between Level IV inspections.  We can direct the entire certification operation, from tear-down, cleaning, mechanical inspection, repair, NDT inspection, re-assembly, and load testing to certification.  We can also act as part of the operation directed by others, supplying inspection and/or certification or both. Whether your equipment is on 500-day, 1000-day, 3 year, or 6 year Level IV inspection and certification cycles, we can help. No matter the RP involves and the type of equipment, we have the personnel, the expertise and the experience to be a long-term partner in your oilfield equipment maintenance plans.

When you need CAODC inspection and certification, make us your first call.

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